Well, hello! How are you? Can I get you something to drink?!

Just kidding! This is a website. But please, grab yourself a sweet tea and take a look around! First, let me introduce myself. I'm Melissa (my friends call me Mel), and I live in Watson, Louisiana, with my sweet husband Brad, and our silly dog Fievel. I love coffee, praise & worship music, reading chic lit, watching Netflix, cooking, singing, instagramming (follow me: melissavenablephoto), and of course, photography.

I’ve always been the girl with the camera in her hand. I’ve always been the one taking pictures of everything. But I never took it seriously until I traded my Kodak Easy Share for my Canon Rebel DSLR. Honestly, I just wanted to take better pictures. I never dreamed a whole new world was going to open up to me. I love taking pictures. It’s always been a love of mine, but I didn’t know it was my passion until I started to develop it.

I’ve people watched my whole life. Finding the best and most beautiful parts of everyone I see. When I get behind the camera, I get to capture those things. The personality. The eyes. The smile. The moments between loved ones. The magic. I would love the opportunity to capture what I see in you!